Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It is Tuesday

I went through most of the day today thinking it was wednesday and dreading Class. But it is Tuesday!! Haha. An alright Tuesday I might add. I completely, completed a part of my costume ( so glad). The only down part of my day was that I could not find my SD flash drive. Bugger. Could have uploaded a bunch of stuff. The search will continue tomorrow.

I had Received a LOVELY SURPRISE in the mail today! I got a book From two lovely looking UPS people. ;) It has probably been my biggest obsession for the past month. I mean it takes ALOT to push things such as Japan and Cupcakes out of my mind but this game is amazing! Well to be the honest the game play is a bit lacking. By lacking I mean, Glitchy and full of invisible walls to the point where it drives you bonkers because you want to explore! But anyways, the art work is fantastic and concept work is above and beyond. This book was worth every Penny I love-love-love it. here is a page from the inside:                      
After Having played and completed the game, then looked through this book. All initial complaints were essentially swept away. Forgotten. The amount of work that went into the game and story.

Anyways I m being possibly completely biased, or not. Either way you have to check it out yourself. Pick up Alice Madness returns on Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC. Last I checked it was dirt cheap on steam. Gives you a code to play the first. Although let me warn you The First one Came out Ten years ago, so it may be a graphic Shock to you if you were born in the 90ies.  The Book itself is 23$+ on Amazon I would suggest picking it u there and saving yourself 20 bucks as apposed to going to a Chapters or Indigo.  Anyway! I have some artwork for youuuuuu.

Another Doll Faced Drawing. This is the first of Five, where I was still player around with Mediums such as water colour, Ink, Gouache and Water colour pencil crayons. Seeing what colours I could bring out and what colours neutralized each other and what I could mix with what....A kind of you had to be there moment.

Anyways enjoy.
Never a Dull moment,

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