Wednesday, 18 January 2012

OMG epic Sax Guy.

Sooo I bought something Random. I was at Canadian Tire and I saw it, and decided I needed it.

No. I did need it. ONe of the greatest purchases made in my history.

It issss A cupcake maker!
It makes me happy I just wanted everyone to see it :)

Never a Dull Moment ;D


P.s This is the Eic Sax guy:

I made something Fancy. I think

Since My Portfolio date is coming up quickly I've been doing things here and there.
I recently just finished playing around with some digital art.
I don't know what to think of it, I like it and I don't kind of thing.

I am having one of those moments were nothing is good enough. I start something and then all of a sudden it sucks and I hate it.
I've started at least seven paintings and four drawings and a shit ton of process work for more only to end up hating everything. Haaha

Its like you work on it and it looks great then you come back to it and you're like "Dear god wht have I done!?"

haha I can't help but laugh at myself I am crazy.

So here is the thing

I actually drew this in pencil my very first day at sheridan, I had an hour between classes or half an hour (I don't remember). Then I just busted this shit out. It was probably the only half decent thing I made in that sketchbook because I'm pretty sure I bought a better one a couple pages in. I didn't really do much cleaning up on it and the background was 30 seconds later. So this is really classified as a doodle. I am trying t make more but digital painting is so frustrating with a small scratch up screen. I needs me some new equipment.

anyway Enjoy and I'll try and keep up with the posting. I have to do hand drawings and Believe me I've been putting them off the best I could. I did some that weren't too shabby...but they were pretty shabby.

NEVER a dull moment


Sunday, 15 January 2012


So I said I would post Pictures of Cuba with my new Toy!

If you have me on Face book then I already ruined the surprise.
I got THIS bad boy:
It is a Film based Fisheye Camera!!! woop woop. So I had alot of sun using it of course. I got some pretty decent exposures and will most definitely keep using it. Here are some of the amazing places I visited and pictures I took. Enjoyyyy

From Christmas To cuba. It was a good time and as I mentioned before, unfortunately, I did not get much work done. I also know I sound like a broken record saying this but I will be putting some up soon! My Digital Camera started to work for the time being so I can actually take pictures of what I have been drawing/ painting. 

Since we are officially 2 week into January I have about 3 weeks left to complete my portfolio. I've pulled up my pants and need to get those Technical drawings done. No matter how much I hate them.

T'is all

Never a Dull moment


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New year All. It's 2012 and I know something you don't

So I have been busy. Glad 2011 and the Holidays are over. I have lasting ulcers that will verify my excitement to itsend.

I also returned from Cuba yesterday. That was fun times. Did I get any art done while I was there? Not really. Although some is better than none! Keeping 2012 positive since it started off so interestingly. Lets just say that this trip, no, this first week has been an eye opener and I am feeling alot...Alot of what? relief I think, I have been offered a get out of jail card (not free unfortunately). It is a get out of jail emotionally and mentally undamaged card.
It's nice and sparkly.
I have dedicated myself to physically parting ways with my past and so far it is showing promise. 

Ok enough of this metaphoric mumbo-jumbo!

It's 2012! Omg!
No, I don't care and neither should you. The only thing different about 2012 is that it is Not 2011. And, I think it's a leap year but I'm not sure. ;P
I was doing some reading on the 2012 end of the world, whatever-ness and it is hilarious. People are thinking of the most ridiculous things. Never mind listening to the experts in this Yahoo article here:

"A Regina man who trained as a Mayan timekeeper says the end of the ancient Mayan calendar does not mean the end of the world.
Dec. 21, 2012 marks the end of the 5,125-year-long Mayan Long Count calendar.
Leonzo Barreno, who immigrated to Canada from Guatemala in 1989, was trained by Mayan elders to read the ancient calendars.
He says the end of the next year will start a new calendar cycle.
"This has happened before, and according to the elders this is the fifth time it's happened," he said. "

With all this information out there people who don't even know what the Mayan calendar looks like are still convince that the world is going to end. I found this snipet from another article and actually laughed out loud in this article here 

"One fear is that a rogue planet that has been dubbed "Nibiru" or "Planet X" is supposedly aimed at Earth. Self-proclaimed Nibiru expert Nancy Lieder, who says she is in contact with the aliens from Zeta Reticuli, first said Nibiru would cause widespread disaster in May 2003, only to change it to Dec. 21, 2012.
There is, however, no evidence that Nibiru is real."

OBVIOUSLY. That is more legitimate than some one who can READ the calendar.
So Come in to 2012 fearless and brazen like a new born lion cub and make life an adventure! What is the great desire to end the world anyway? Celebrate that the world may not be ending but that we get a bonus: an extra new years celebration.

That is my first year post, the next one I will be flaunting my pictures that I took in Cuba and over the holidays with my new Camera. What kind of Camera you may ask?

It's a surprise!

Never a dull moment

Friday, 2 December 2011

Apparently I still suck at this.

So Here I m Posting yet again. I am sorry.
I still have to get caught up with my fall Images, I have a roll of film that need developing and some drawings that need posting/ finishing.
Although I have a painting I finished here in memory of the beautiful fall trees.
Something about this painting makes me uneasy, This is not the best picture. Unfortunately I could not scan it since it is too big. The internet also ruin everything. Either/Or this painting is called unease because thats how I feel when I look at it. Or felt.
Yes so I did not come completely empty handed.
I have been busy baking and decorating my house for CHRISTMAS. I am Rather Excited for it :). Never mind Christmas I am excited for the weeks before Christmas, because that's when I get to hand out my baking and attend the Christmas parties I bought a new dress for ;)
So when I have breaks amongst the crazyness I will post pictures and update my blog as much as I can.

Here is another Image I made- not so recently. I have just been struggling to get a good picture of it because the canvas is such and odd shape. But I gave up.
There it is. I did it all in gouache, even the tiny line work, which made me happy. I have some larger work on the way, but like I said, when I have time to post it and take pictures I will.
But Keep in mind, all I have at the moment is a Camera that takes film!
The downside of not having a job!


Never a dull moment.

Monday, 28 November 2011

I am not doing very well with this Whole Blog thing

I was so Proud Too. Almost every day I posted.
Anyways Since Halloween is Faaar Gone I am working on another header and a new layout.
ALSO I am working on a thousand things at once since portfolios are due febuary ish and I am busy all of December and gone to CUBA for the first week of January.
That Does not leave me much time to perfect ANYTHING. If anyone tries to tell you that you can pull off a portfolio in a month. Slap them. It has nothing to do with how good you are, it has everything to do with perfection. Wich is essentially contradictory to art. BUT HEY, whatever

So Its time to get Crakilakin,
You know,  a month like this I am kinda glad I don't have to work :P

I have also Finally decided what schools I am most definitely applying at.
Max the Mutt and OCAD.

My old school Sheridan is still up in the air, although I really don't care for their illustration program. I've seen people go in and come out and I have heard what they do and have watched people do it. All I know is that the course is too generic and the lack of focus on any subjects leaves a person too many options and very little guidance (this is regarding interpretive illustration). It's great to hone your skills but don't expect much from it especially if you are going into Interpretive. Technical is essentially a graphic arts course so you might as well go to Conestoga. The certificates you hold in the end are equally influential when it come to getting a career.

But hey what do I know really, aside from my gut feeling and the fact that I am not willing to go against it.

SO long story short is, I am working my ass off. I have baking to do, plays to write, songs to preform, parties to entertain, art to do. The list goes on.

My head is a little crazy atm sooo

I will get back to this tomorrow.
Hopefully with some visuals.

Never a dull moment


Monday, 7 November 2011

I finally Found a flash usb!

Although it isn't mine, it will definitely do!
So what have I been up to? a great many of things. Time has been ticking away mercilessly and  I feel like the days are trying to out run me!
I spent my week in the kitchen essentially coking up a storm. I have been on this diet that just wasn't cutting it for me. I don't like cutting things out of my diet with no compensation.
Soooo I have decided to give up North american food entirely!
That means I eat no cheese, no bread and no fast food crap.

Anyways that is irrelevant. IT IS NOVEMBER and that means my birthday and one step closer to Chirstmas (YAAAAY!) and Two step closer to Portfolio Time! I have said this before but I cannot just erase it from my mind. Well While I work on that and will soon be posting Images I am updating my deviant art!

The are the Two works I put up Please visit my Deviant art. Also Take a look at my Rebuttle to Nude art, ad your Two cents s well.
Don't worry it isn't a rant ;P.  Anyways I have to get back to work.

Never a Dull moment