Sunday, 15 January 2012


So I said I would post Pictures of Cuba with my new Toy!

If you have me on Face book then I already ruined the surprise.
I got THIS bad boy:
It is a Film based Fisheye Camera!!! woop woop. So I had alot of sun using it of course. I got some pretty decent exposures and will most definitely keep using it. Here are some of the amazing places I visited and pictures I took. Enjoyyyy

From Christmas To cuba. It was a good time and as I mentioned before, unfortunately, I did not get much work done. I also know I sound like a broken record saying this but I will be putting some up soon! My Digital Camera started to work for the time being so I can actually take pictures of what I have been drawing/ painting. 

Since we are officially 2 week into January I have about 3 weeks left to complete my portfolio. I've pulled up my pants and need to get those Technical drawings done. No matter how much I hate them.

T'is all

Never a Dull moment


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