Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I made something Fancy. I think

Since My Portfolio date is coming up quickly I've been doing things here and there.
I recently just finished playing around with some digital art.
I don't know what to think of it, I like it and I don't kind of thing.

I am having one of those moments were nothing is good enough. I start something and then all of a sudden it sucks and I hate it.
I've started at least seven paintings and four drawings and a shit ton of process work for more only to end up hating everything. Haaha

Its like you work on it and it looks great then you come back to it and you're like "Dear god wht have I done!?"

haha I can't help but laugh at myself I am crazy.

So here is the thing

I actually drew this in pencil my very first day at sheridan, I had an hour between classes or half an hour (I don't remember). Then I just busted this shit out. It was probably the only half decent thing I made in that sketchbook because I'm pretty sure I bought a better one a couple pages in. I didn't really do much cleaning up on it and the background was 30 seconds later. So this is really classified as a doodle. I am trying t make more but digital painting is so frustrating with a small scratch up screen. I needs me some new equipment.

anyway Enjoy and I'll try and keep up with the posting. I have to do hand drawings and Believe me I've been putting them off the best I could. I did some that weren't too shabby...but they were pretty shabby.

NEVER a dull moment


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