Friday, 2 December 2011

Apparently I still suck at this.

So Here I m Posting yet again. I am sorry.
I still have to get caught up with my fall Images, I have a roll of film that need developing and some drawings that need posting/ finishing.
Although I have a painting I finished here in memory of the beautiful fall trees.
Something about this painting makes me uneasy, This is not the best picture. Unfortunately I could not scan it since it is too big. The internet also ruin everything. Either/Or this painting is called unease because thats how I feel when I look at it. Or felt.
Yes so I did not come completely empty handed.
I have been busy baking and decorating my house for CHRISTMAS. I am Rather Excited for it :). Never mind Christmas I am excited for the weeks before Christmas, because that's when I get to hand out my baking and attend the Christmas parties I bought a new dress for ;)
So when I have breaks amongst the crazyness I will post pictures and update my blog as much as I can.

Here is another Image I made- not so recently. I have just been struggling to get a good picture of it because the canvas is such and odd shape. But I gave up.
There it is. I did it all in gouache, even the tiny line work, which made me happy. I have some larger work on the way, but like I said, when I have time to post it and take pictures I will.
But Keep in mind, all I have at the moment is a Camera that takes film!
The downside of not having a job!


Never a dull moment.

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