Monday, 28 November 2011

I am not doing very well with this Whole Blog thing

I was so Proud Too. Almost every day I posted.
Anyways Since Halloween is Faaar Gone I am working on another header and a new layout.
ALSO I am working on a thousand things at once since portfolios are due febuary ish and I am busy all of December and gone to CUBA for the first week of January.
That Does not leave me much time to perfect ANYTHING. If anyone tries to tell you that you can pull off a portfolio in a month. Slap them. It has nothing to do with how good you are, it has everything to do with perfection. Wich is essentially contradictory to art. BUT HEY, whatever

So Its time to get Crakilakin,
You know,  a month like this I am kinda glad I don't have to work :P

I have also Finally decided what schools I am most definitely applying at.
Max the Mutt and OCAD.

My old school Sheridan is still up in the air, although I really don't care for their illustration program. I've seen people go in and come out and I have heard what they do and have watched people do it. All I know is that the course is too generic and the lack of focus on any subjects leaves a person too many options and very little guidance (this is regarding interpretive illustration). It's great to hone your skills but don't expect much from it especially if you are going into Interpretive. Technical is essentially a graphic arts course so you might as well go to Conestoga. The certificates you hold in the end are equally influential when it come to getting a career.

But hey what do I know really, aside from my gut feeling and the fact that I am not willing to go against it.

SO long story short is, I am working my ass off. I have baking to do, plays to write, songs to preform, parties to entertain, art to do. The list goes on.

My head is a little crazy atm sooo

I will get back to this tomorrow.
Hopefully with some visuals.

Never a dull moment


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