Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This is Halloween. Or the Day after

Yesterday Boils and Gouls is HALLOWEEN! Muahahahaha *lightning*
I have been UBER busy hence the post lack-idge.
I have a few things to go over Like Halloween costumes! You see, Originally I was going to be Alice from American Mcgee's Alice . But I didn't Have time to finish the decals on the Apron and I overestimated the Time I had to sew this thing. SO I was just A crazy Alice covered in blood. WHICH IS THE COOLEST THING EVER BTW.
This year was my first year ever in my life wearing fake blood. I think it is so awesome! Haha I am forever going to be covered in it ;P
I had Several Parties to attend So I had two Costumes. Unfortunately I still cannot find my Gosh Darn SD flash drive so the pictures will have to wait. I will search hard tomorrow!
So they are still Somewhat of a Surprise! lol


NOW IT IS NOVEMBER. Crunch time.
October was my vacation, now back to my regular schedule of doing work and things.
The Years End is fast approaching and so is January which is Program enrollment Time and the time after that Is portfolio time! Oh YES.
This Year I am ready, I am going to Create the two most amazing Portfolios of all time. People Will be begging me to come to their school! Buahahaaa. There are so many courses and programs I want to take, unfortunately I can only choose one. Although I am still going to try all. I will Add more details to that when the time comes. All f that aside check out this awesome Preview:
The Movie is Called Immortals. It comes out 11.11.11 ( Yay! ) and I really want to see it. Something I over just as much as squids and cake and Bacon is Greek Mythology and Literature! So if there is a movie representing such. I AM THERE.

OK SO I was going to Post Some artwork Tonight, unfortunately that is not happening but there is some definitely coming up tomorrow. So Enjoy life My friends and Stay Positive!

Never a dull moment,


p.s This post is everywhere, I know. The past couple days where Just Kah-Razee

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